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Colloque: Histoires de Désob – Conference: Disobstruction Stories

vrijdag 8 maart 2019 17:00 - zondag 10 maart 2019 18:00
Place d'Azé
71260 Azé, Frankrijk

Since the 1950s the Caves of Azé (Saône-et-Loire, France) have been subject to significant cave research. This research, based on the disobstruction and the pumping of the cave, revealed more than 1.7 km of passages. Throughout this adventure a very rich heritage (prehistory, paleontology, karstology, biology...) was discovered and highlighted during many studies. The caves of Azé are not an isolated case, everywhere many cavers have done disobstructions, digging or pumping that have led to such discoveries. However exchanges between different teams have always been informal or non-existent. We are therefore pleased to announce the 1st French-speaking Conference: Disobstruction Stories, where everyone can come and share their experiences with others.

Deadline for the intent of communication: 30th September 2018. Deadline for sending the text for the publication: 31st December 2018.

You can find more information and the registration form in the 1st circular in French which can be downloaded at the following address:


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