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12th Balkan Cavers Camp in Romania

maandag 2 juli 2018 08:00 - vrijdag 6 juli 2018 18:00
Baru 337035
Baru Mare, Roemenië
Dear colleagues,
It is with great pleasure to announce that the Romanian Speleological Federation (FSR) has decided to organise the 12th "Balkan Cavers Camp" between 2nd-8th Ju|y 2018 in Baru Mare, Sureanu Mountains, Hateg province, to which we herewith invite all our colleagues from across the Balkans and beyond.
This time the "Balkan Cavers Camp" will represent a very special event for us since it will be combined with the National Speleological Congress and the Cave Media Contest "Speoatta". Moreover,2018 represents for us the'100 years anniversary of the Romanian State formation and 150 years since Emil Racovita, the founder of biospeleology and Romanian speleology, was born. Therefore we are obliged to organise a special event, so look out for a top-class gathering of cavers from different countries sharing the same passion for the beautiful world of Karst and caves.
For this event we have also chosen a special location, namely the caves of the Sureanu Mountains located between the towns of Hunedoara and Petrosani, in the heart of the Hateg province, which is known to be the cradle of the Dacians, our ancient predecessors. lt is a history-laden area, with magnificent caves (Sura Mare, Cioclovina, Tecuri, Cocolbea), canyons, high mountains and ancient fortresses and citadels waiting to be discovered.
We are all looking forward to welcome you at the 12th Balkan Cavers Camp.
Spencer Coca
President Romanian Speleological Federation (FRS)

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  • Van maandag 2 juli 2018 08:00 tot vrijdag 6 juli 2018 18:00