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International Female Caving School 2016

vrijdag 23 september 2016 08:00 - zondag 2 oktober 2016 18:00
16 Rue de la Lavière
25330 Amancey, Frankrijk
Caving in good company
Want to go caving? either to discover this sport, new caves, super cute new people or just for fun, you're in the right place!
Following the tradition established in France in 2010, at the first International female cavers meeting "SpéléO - Féminin", and the subsequent "International female caving school" in Romania in 2011, the national speleological organizations of France and Romania invite you to the fourth caving girls meeting, taking place in France, September 23 to October 2, 2016!
Do not be distracted by the name of the event – although it says “féminin” it does not at all mean that we are feminists! It is simply the French word for “female”. It means that girls do have some kind of priority, but the boys are welcome as well!
The four main goals of this meeting are:
• Have fun discovering new caves and new cavers,
• Promote women participation in caving
• Discover caving for people who never done it before
• Improve the techniques used to progress in vertical caves and in team management.
The School has two levels:
• beginners level
• advanced level
Teaching will be done by certified caving teachers who obtained a formal degree in caving education either by the French caving school (EFS) and the Romanian caving school at the levels Initiator, Monitor and Instructor.
All information (in english, french and romanian) at: http://www.nathawan.com/stagespeleointernational2016/p3english/p3english.html

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