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Italian National Caving Meeting in Abruzzo

vrijdag 28 oktober 2016 08:00 - dinsdag 1 november 2016 17:00
65020 Lettomanoppello PE, Italië
The Speleo Club Chieti, in collaboration with the Italian Speleological Society and the support of the Italian Alpine Club and the Majella National Park association, is organizing the national Italian Speleology Caving Meeting "STRISCIANDO-MAJELLA 2016" from October, 28th to November 1st, 2016.
This event, for the first time in Abruzzo, is an 'important annual meeting of National caving”; it will take place at the Majella National Park and will be attended by about 3000 cavers from all Italian regions and abroad.
During the event there will be meetings, conferences, debates, screenings, guided trips all over the Park, scientific reports, national and exploratory surveys, international exhibitions, and much more.
At this meeting Michael Laumanns, vice-president of the European Speleological Federation FSE will give a workshop on EuroSpeleo Projects (ESP): How to get funding from the European Speleological Federation (FSE) for your speleo event/expedition.

All information can be found on the website of the event (in Italian): http://www.strisciando2016.it/


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