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Dutch Caving Expedition Laos 2000

In october 2000 a group of fourteen cavers leaves for a 6 weeks cavingexpedition to northern Laos. The target area is the village of Nong Khiaw in the Luang Phrabang Province in northern Laos. This area was investigated bij three cavers in 1999 during a short 14 days visit. During the expedition the expeditionteam explored in four areas (as pointed out on the geological map as A, B, C en D). The soil concists of Pz3 layers (Late Paleozoic, mainly marine, terrestrial in certain areas with coal). Basecamp was set up in a stone hut in Nong Khiaw a small village along the Nam (River) a sideriver from the Mekong River, 200 km north of Luang Prabang. Here the expedition had electricity in the evening (from a generator) and shops to buy supplies.


The Expeditionteam:



In total 6921 m of caves where mapped and 3 caves were longer than 1 km.

Tham Pha Kouang 1028 m (-60 m) map A

Tham Khan/ Tham Pageo 2070 m (-14,2/+9,1 m) map C

Tham Gnai 1433 m (-19/+25 m) map D




List mapped caves:

For the compleet report of the expedition there is a digital versian available (click on the expeditionreport)



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